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Sump Pump Replacement & Installation

At B-Dry Systems of Southeastern Michigan we offer replacement and Installation on Blue Angel Pumps.

Benefits include: Cast Iron and Stainless Steel construction, 1/2 horsepower commercial grade and MADE IN THE USA!
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F50CIS, 1/2 HP


  • Durable Epoxy-Coated Cast Iron Housing/Volute
  • Top Suction Design Eliminates Air Lock and Minimizes Clogging from Debris in the Bottom of the Sump Pit
  • Reliable Thermoplastic Impeller for Maximum Water Flow
  • 1-1/2 in. NPT Discharge for Easy Installation and Compliance with Building Codes
  • For Use In 11 in. Diameter or Larger Sump Basins
  • 8 ft. SJTW Power Cord


  • This pump delivers unsurpassed protection. The switch is tested 1,000,000 times, up to 10X times more than competitors.
  • This pump is assembled in the USA to deliver dependable performance that lasts for years.
  • This pump is easy to install. Start to finish in about 15 minutes.
  • Air Lock can burn out your pump. This pump is precision engineered to eliminate Air Lock.

Zoeller Model 98 Sump Pump

Effluent or dewatering submersible pumps for septic tanks, low-pressure pipp (LPP) and enhances flow STEP systems.


PROFESSIONAL Series, self-testing, 12-volt DC battery backup system with built-in WiFi for Z Control connectivity.

Offers the following:

  • PUMP: Designed and tested for reliability, the Aquanot® 508 DC sump pump works alongside submersible or pedestal pumps to provide up to 6 hours of continuous high-performance pumping when the primary pump power is interrupted or more capacity is needed. The 508 is made by Zoeller in Indiana. Each pump is individually tested and achieves 35 GPM at 10′ at 12.7 volts.
  • CONTROLLER: The Fit controller is an automatic charging and protection system, including a low battery indicator and alarm, redundant high water switch, self-testing technology, and built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Self-testing and smart diagnostics
  • Early warning diagnostics
  • Z Control® Enabled notification and remote access
  • Z Control® Cloud and App


Premium digitally connected total basement protection sump system


  • Complete, pre-plumbed sump pumps for easy installation in as little as 15 minutes
  • Two fully submersible, nested, all cast iron, AC (primary) & DC (back up) sump pumps
  • “Drop in the pit” ready, complete with two (2) pre-installed 1-1/2 in. check valves
  • 1-1/2 In. discharge for easy installation and compliance with building codes
  • For use in 14 in. diameter or larger sump basins
  • Redundant reed float switch with protective float cage


  • Apple IOS and Android APPs for continuous monitoring, even when the power is out
  • Innovative Local Link™ technology transmits data to the APP during power outages when the WiFi router is down
  • Remote display box displays; hours of pumping power, battery health and charge, and water level
  • FULLY REDUNDANT dual-independent processor encased in a protective aluminum shell
  • Solid State Air Switch replaces the mechanical float which is the most common point of failure . on a sump pump